A smarter way to target customers online.

Connect with and understand your audience through the most advanced, location-based media buying tool in the cannabis industry.

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The leading cannabis and CBD friendly platform.

AdLoop first launched as an alternative to Google and Facebook 8 years ago. Gain powerful insights, get the metrics you need to make smart decisions with comprehensive data, covering geo-locations, times of day, creatives, domains, apps, operating systems and device types, session depth, and much more.

Media Buying

Our proprietary self-serve platform allows brands to wield the power of programmatic digital through the same technology employed by Fortune 500 companies.

Ad Verification

AdLink is the most effective way to measure the offline performance of a digital campaign and uncover the right strategy for your brand.

Audience Creation

Unique first-party audience segments based on where people go. Use location behavior to create, target and analyze audiences and provide deeper customer insights.

Premium Publishers

AdLoop opens you up to mainsteam publishers so you can start to reach customers beyond cannabis-only placements.

We cover 98% of the programmatic market.

350 Million Connected Devices in Our Database

40 Million Locations Mapped for Targeting

18 Billion Personalized Data Points Collected Daily

From media buying, targeted audience creation to campaign measurement, exploring your options elsewhere is no longer a requirement

Our team works to redefine performance.

Your ad spend is your ad spend. No hidden fees.

Dedicated campaign manager at no extra cost

Ad creatives designed in-house included with each campaign

Powerful advertising insights on our very own live reporting dashboard

AdLoop is used by the best in the industry.

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